DUSSÈRE Bénédicte


Bénédicte Dussère was born in 1954. She lives and works near Paris

Through a series of king size canvases and works on tracing paper, Bénédicte Dussère leads us into the shadow, catching deep and dense from where a diffuse light appears.

Out of a landscape, from a mysterious atmosphere, that the moments of life offer me, one or a few figures then appear suddenly or fade away. We have no idea where they come from but they don’t just come from anywhere. My painting is right at the edge of abstract and figurative, you don’t lose neither the object nor the shape from sight but all is suggested more than imposed. It finds its meaning in the course of the creating process. Memory and imagination work together revealing the emotion of a moment.

Bénédicte Dussère is searching colour through a palette mainly composed with black and white: light and shadow.

Most of the tools are designed and created by her regarding the result to obtain: sweeping of canvas, reworking with brushes, make disappear, live a track that will be the first step of the painting in a more precise gesture, an idea to express. Just let the desire guide you. One painting leads to another and allows to reveal everyone a story of his own.


2011 ● Exposition personnelle Galerie Théo de Seine

2010 ● “Exposition multiple” Galerie L’aiguillage, Paris

● Exposition personnelle Galerie L’aiguillage Paris XIII

● Mac Paris.

2009 ● Exposition personnelle Galerie “Les couleurs du temps” Finistère ; Novembre – Mac Paris (ex. Mac 2000)

2008 ● Exposition personnelle au musée Boucher de Perthes à Abbeville.

2005 ● Exposition personnelle au centre d’art contemporain Albert Chanot en région parisienne ; plusieurs expositions collectives en ce même lieu ; travail en milieu scolaire dans le cadre de projets confiés aux artistes.

Depuis 1994, des chemins divers autour de la création graphique pour se concentrer peu à peu sur un travail pictural plus personnel :

● Editions Le bruit des autres, couverture de « La chair et le ciel c’est pareil » de Jean-Pierre Cannet.

● Editions Gallimard, couverture de « Les âmes inachevées » de Mathieu Riboulet

● Spy Films, présentation de toiles dans le film « Les travaux et les jours » de Mathieu Riboulet

● Diplômée de l’ Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD) 1981.