It is not much to the heart’s desire that one would like to have an incision made on his body and the interior probed for anomalies. Many fear the scalpel. The process of Virginia nerve surgery has been there ever since humans have felt to treat wounds, lesions and injuries, ever since they realized that it stood in the way of their survival. A surgery, in simple words, means the medical treatment of injuries, anomalies, abnormalities, ailments, etc. using a specified set of instruments that have been designed specifically for the process.

Records of surgical procedures being performed have been recorded since the times of some of the ancient civilization like the Egyptian, the Indus, the Greeks, the Chinese. In medieval Europe it was the barbers who performed the process of surgery. The Royal College of Surgeons is, in fact, owes its roots to the United Company of Barber Surgeons in London, which used to lay down the qualification norms for the surgeons during the 16th Century.

Surgery is also colloquially referred to as an ‘operation’. A typical surgery generally involves common surgical settings like a sterile setting, surgical instruments, antiseptics, surgical drains, etc. A surgery occurs when the tissue is incised upon or a wound is closed. However, processes like irradiating tumors with lasers, treating corneas with lasers are referred to as non-invasive surgical procedures, that is to say, without the introduction of any surgical instruments into the body.